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Leadership Coaching and Mentoring Services


Building 21st Century leadership qualities still requires showing people the way. Young career professionals across the globe, who are beginning to lead businesses now and will increasingly do so in the coming decade, are asking for support to develop their leadership competencies.

According to author, and speaker, Dan Schawbel, the Millennial Generation will make up more than 75 percent of the workforce by 2025.

At LeaderBoom, our global advisors have accumulated over 100 years in leadership wisdom. From our research, education and experiences, we have designed powerful individual and group mentoring programs that support leaders to improve their skills, capability and bottom line performance.

What Can I Expect From My Mentoring Session?

Expect to receive valuable advice and feedback from your LeaderBoom mentor, who has a minimum 10 years of successful leadership experience, as well as specific action items to help move you closer to achieving your leadership goals.

Are the Mentoring Sessions Customized to meet Individual and Group Needs?

Yes. To become a capable leader and efficient team, we encourage our clients to build a foundation of self-awareness by identifying their strengths, capabilities and opportunities for further growth. Leadership is a journey and we collaborate with each individual and group to customize mentoring programs that help them reach their full potential.    


"LeaderBoom helped me to do a thorough needs analysis of my professional situation, asking the hard questions that I needed to face and really listening to my answers to help me objectively see where I was and the action required to move forward and achieve my goals. Without their help, I would be stuck in a holding pattern." - S. Brown, Instructor, Toronto

"LeaderBoom Founder, Ann Marie MacDougall, gets my highest recommendation as an executive- leadership coach and mentor. Her unique ability to recognize, understand, and explain complex business relationships has revolutionized, not just my thinking, but most importantly, my actions. Her "outside of the box" thinking and teaching is unique and exciting. Her interactive leadership development seminars are inspiring and full of value for any leader. Ann Marie is one of the top contributers to the business succcess I enjoy today." - J. Casten, Professional Coach, Toronto
I remember you said that most women tend to be more comfortable in perfecting their plan before taking actions. I am one of these women, but I realized that the lack of confidence to take actions would make us miss many opportunities! The most important thing is that you helped me find my passion in my heart deeply. As a newcomer to Canada myself, now I realize the way to achieve my self-value and make me feel real happiness is by helping other people to succeed. That means a lot to me. Please take my sincere thankfulness. "  ~ J. Liu, Research Assistant, Hospitality Industry, Hong Kong 

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