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Two Ground-Breaking Leadership Programs To Empower Your Potential




Women in Leadership: Empowering Your Performance

What defines empowerment? Empowered leaders are true to themselves at all times and are willing to share their unique skills and capabilities for the benefit of others. Empowered leaders behave in progressive, collaborative and inspiring ways because they are aligned with who they are, not what they are. From a corporate perspective, cultivating empowered mindsets in leadership teams makes good business sense because when high performing teams feel empowered they have increased willingness to execute on multi-complex goals more seamlessly. In this inspiring and engaging workshop, emerging women leaders will deepen their capacity by learning 21st Century global trends, business acumen, interpersonal communication, how to express career and life aspirations, develop inner confidence, cultivate decisiveness, overcome fear of change, release limiting beliefs, focus strategically and build strategic alliances.

Leadership Self-Awareness: Actualizing Your Potential

Why is self-awareness important in the corporate world? Because the more leadership responsibility we have, the more challenges we must manage. New research is demonstrating that leaders who are able to navigate these challenges consistently, fairly and confidently are able to do so because they lean on core principles developed through self-awareness. Our breakthrough Leadership Self-Awareness: Actualizing Your Potential workshop addresses the “Inside-Out” dimensions of personal leadership, helping participants define their passion, purpose and vision for their next steps in life and at work. In this workshop global leaders learn a road-map for creating the inner sustainability required to develop a clearer sense of who they are, create capacity for self-renewal, clarify their options and develop the inner power and confidence necessary to make tough business choices. When we are not clear about who we are, we often feel pressured by even the smallest demands and simplest requests.

To learn about how to drive market leadership by aligning attraction, retention, development and engagement strategies to the needs of a diverse global workforce, contact our office directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 1-416-699-2666.

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