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Ann Marie MacDougall

Ann Marie MacDougall

LeaderBoom founder, Ann Marie MacDougall has more than 20 years of proven leadership in the Canadian Banking industry, where she successfully led diverse teams that were multi-generational and multi-cultural in multi-channel environments to collaborate with each other and execute results that involved complex, innovative and challenging goal initiatives.

Ann Marie has a passion for empowering individuals, teams, organizations and communities to actualize their full potential, She has studied business in six countries and has received an MBA though the Rotman School of Business in Toronto and an Executive Global MBA from St. Gallen University in Switzerland. Ann Marie is a continuous learner and her many interests include public speaking, sailing, horses, music, culture and the arts. She is a member of the Board of Directors for the Swedish-Canadian Chamber of Commerce, Specialisterne Canada, Advisory Member for the Commffest Global Community Film Festival and Speaker for Lean-In Canada.

Whether leaders are prepared for it or not, workplace cultures across industries are changing at an accelerated pace. The pillars of the traditional hierarchical thinking are crumbling thanks to rapidly advancing technology, the rising power of social networks and, above all, a dramatic shift in global demographics. As a result,…
In today’s multi-complex business environment where shortened product life cycles and strategic forecasting have taken on a whole new level of meaning, the ability to adjust and adapt one’s leadership style has become a necessity for both individual and organizational survival.  From our research, which includes direct contact with 50…
In this article, our objective is to answer two fundamental questions; “Who we are?” and “Why are we here?” LeaderBoom is a results-oriented firm that provides multi-cultural and multi-generational leadership and development training to emerging global business leaders. We do this by using interactive tools and proprietary learning products in…
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