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Leadership Development

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Our ground-breaking development solutions focus in priority 21st Century areas such as; Building Organizational Agility, Enterprisewide Mindsets, Cultivating Self-Awareness, Innovation and Community Service Leadership.         View Our Menu Of Programs Here 

Leadership Consulting

LB icon Needs analysis, quality research, strategic guidance, and initiating high value business relationships, are key pillars of our total service model that are applied to generate 'just in time" solutions to accelerate results for your business.                              View Our Global Trends Link Here

Leadership Coaching

LB icon Our coaching is based on the CTI Co-Active Coaching Methodology and our focus is to help leaders unlock their full potential by asking self-reflective questions such as; "Who am I?, Why am I here?, and Where am I going?".        View Our Testimonials Here


“LeaderBoom founder, Ann Marie MacDougall, gets my highest recommendation as an executive-leadership coach and mentor. Her unique ability to recognize, understand, and explain complex business relationships has revolutionized not just my thinking, but also the thinking of many other leaders and most importantly, my actions. Her "outside of the box" thinking and teaching is unique and exciting, her interactive leadership development seminars are inspiring and full of value for any leader. Ann Marie is one of the top contributors to the success I enjoy as a business professional today." - J. Casten, Professional Coach, Toronto

LeaderBoom helped me to do a thorough needs analysis of my professional situation, asking the hard questions that I needed to face and really listening to my answers to help me objectively see where I was and the action required to move forward and achieve my goals. Without their help, I would be stuck in a holding pattern." - S. Brown, University Instructor, Chile

"LeaderBoom Inc. and Ann Marie MacDougall were exceptionally skilled in navigating the key areas of our strategic focus by providing quality research, sharing strategic insights and initiating high value business relationships. I definitely encourage any global company looking for strategic business and research support to reach out to then."- Patricia Olby Kimondo, CEO People Productions, Stockholm, Sweden

“LeaderBoom's seminar generates fascinating conversation that provides diverse insight and perspective on leading edge business principles” - L. Tran, Marketing Intern, Oakville

"Ann Marie MacDougall is an inspiring influencer with a wealth of knowledge, and her global strategic insights always impress me. I've volunteered on the pilot of her programs and appreciate her ability to listen and offer objective recommendations which have helped me to achieve my professional goals. Most importantly, I've learened through Ann Marie, how to increase self-awareness by clarifying my unique interests, passions, skills and capabilities. If your goal is to pursue leadership development, you should definitely reach out to Ann Marie!"- J. Cao, HR Advisor, Toronto

"Ann Marie MacDougall get's our highest recommendation for her professional approach and engaging delivery style. Her unique global insights help emerging women leaders feel empowered and focused to take their performance to the next level." - ACCES Employment, Ontario

"LeaderBoom's seminar includes valuable research and insights, particularly the discussion on potential for doing business with other countries.” - M. Ul-Hasan, Senior Analyst, Toronto

"LeaderBoom's seminar presents vital global trends that are changing the workforce landscape and offers insights and solutions to help meet the challenges facing us now. Moreover, the facilitated discussion creates a space for exchanging ideas and experiences on creating and sustaining high-performance, high-impact teams and workplace cultures. I left inspired with new insights and a fresh perspective on how to more effectively impact change in the workplace."- K. Goulet, Director, Canadian Banking, Toronto

“Ann Marie came to Ryerson MBA in January to speak with the class! Phenomenal speaker!”- S. Capobianco, MBA Candidate 2014, Toronto

“Thanks @ryersoncareers for sending me to this seminar today @leaderboominc I love this stuff!”- S. Gellman, MBA Candidate 2014, Toronto

"I wanted to thank you again for the very interesting seminar, but more than that the opportunity to interact/share experiences with a diverse and interesting collection of professionals." - Marc M., Engineering Consultant, Toronto.

"The subject matter addressed in LeaderBoom's seminar is of utmost importance and very related to productivity improvement of any corporation. I enjoyed it very much." - Subhas M., Global Executive, Toronto

"The global trend insights are incredibly fascinating. I've had the opportunity to attend and participate in Ann Marie's seminar, and it was highly informative. If you haven't attended one of these leadership seminars, you definitely should! " - T. Yawney, Digital Media Consultant, Toronto

 "It was very nice meeting you at the leadership seminar. I would like to express my thanks to you for your impressive speech. I remember you said that most women tend to be more comfortable in perfecting their plan before taking actions. I am one of these women, but I realized that the lack of confidence to take actions would make us miss many opportunities! The most important thing is that your seminar helped me find my passion in my heart deeply. As a newcomer to Canada myself, now I realize the way to achieve my self-value and make me feel real happiness is by helping other people to succeed. That means a lot to me. Please take my sincere thankfulness. " ~ J. Liu, Research Assistant, Hospitality Industry, Hong Kong

 "Thank you for the valuable insights shared at Acces' Women in Leadership Program. Your starting and ending points made for a well rounded week that had an effective thought provoking start coupled with an end that should allow us to pursue unprecedented results armed with relevant information, increased self awareness and behaviours to succeed personally and professionally in Canada." ~ S. Sherry, Newcomer to Canada, Toronto

"I would like to thank you for your inspiring and motivating session at the Acces Women In Leadership program. I feel, I now can reflect on myself with more clarity and shed light through different perspectives." - S. Saha, Newcomer to Canada, Toronto

"I would like to thank you once again for the wonderful time you spent with us at the Women Empowerment Program with Access Employment. It was so insightful and rewarding. I learned so much and I appreciate you. Thank you so much." Best Regards, Nkechi Ekwunife, Newcomer to Canada, Toronto 
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