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Leadership Development

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Our ground-breaking development solutions focus in priority 21st Century areas such as; Building Organizational Agility, Enterprisewide Mindsets, Cultivating Self-Awareness, Innovation and Community Service Leadership. View Our Menu Of Programs Here

Leadership Consulting

LB icon Needs analysis, quality research, strategic guidance, and initiating high value business relationships, are key pillars of our total service model that are applied to generate 'just in time" solutions to accelerate results for your business.             View Our Global Trends Link Here

Leadership Coaching

LB icon Our coaching is based on the CTI Co-Active Coaching Methodology and our focus is to help leaders unlock their full potential by asking self-reflective questions such as; "Who am I?, Why am I here?, and Where am I going?".    View Our Testimonials Here

Ann Marie has established a network of leading thinkers and business practitioners to form LeaderBoom’s Global Advisory Council – with representation from five countries around the world. These individuals are integral contributors to the idea generation and program design that puts LeaderBoom on the leading edge of Global Change Management. A further team of subject matter experts, technology designers support delivery in these countries and beyond, establishing partnerships with internal corporate resources to transfer the process for continual roll out over time.

Olga L.Tabunschikova - Canada

Olga L.Tabunschikova

Olga has worked in university environments for the past 13 years in the areas of Organizational Behaviour and Diversity Management. She is an internationally educated professional with Masters degrees in Linguistics and Strategic Project Management. She is also a UK Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. As Programme Director and later Director of Learning and Teaching, Olga managed diverse teams in the international branch campus of Heriot-Watt University in Dubai. She is currently working on her Doctorate of Business Administration, which examines the critical success factors of long-term expatriate adaptation in rapidly developing economies.

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