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Friday, 13 March 2015 00:38

Global Leadership Insights

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Executive Summary ~ Building Successful Teams

A new era of global competition is forcing organizations to consider new styles of leadership that effectively navigate diverse employee populations through accelerated change. For this reason, in 2012, LeaderBoom Inc. began gathering key insights into the systemic challenges facing multi-national corporations, and effective leadership approaches for building high performing global teams.

Our outreach involved a combination of in-person and telephone interviews as well as communication over Skype and by email. We connected with 50 global thought leaders from seventeen countries and asked them open-ended questions that touched on the most critical leadership areas, ranging from organizational structure to leadership styles to leadership training strategies.

Leaderboom Global Research Roles

Leaderboom Global Research Sectors

                                    Diverse Range of Roles

                                  Diverse Range of Industries

Research Revealed:

  1. There are multiple leadership challenges facing global corporations
  2. Organizations have a very specific role play if they want to consistently develop emerging leaders
  3. There is a clear ROI in building leadership capability to align diverse teams
  4. Required attributes of 21st Century Leaders

Building a corporate culture of self-aware leaders and intrapreneurial thinking is a viable solution but it requires organizations to be willing to recognize good ideas and to empower their teams by providing the trust, resources and freedom within a framework required to be successful. As a result, to thrive as a leader in the 21st Century, organizations must adapt to the new reality. In the process they are faced with six major challenges. Organizations and their leaders must consider:

  • Encouraging workplace innovation and workforce inspiration to drive value and sustainable competitive advantage
  • Establishing internal values and goals that are widely shared and replace traditional command and control management systems.
  • Promoting organizational alignment and transparency; mission, values, culture, systems
  • Encouraging group intelligence, collaboration and creativity, versus star cult leadership around single individuals
  • Improving social and emotional intelligence skills (self-awareness, listening, communication, collaboration) considered to be the new currency for today's workforce

To learn more insights from our global survey, please visit our summary 6 Global Research Insights: Building Successful Teams at:


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